Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Christmas Crafting Part 3

I'm finally done all my Christmas Crafting for the kids. Here is what I made Kesten:

I made him a puzzle using the dust jacket from one of his favourite books. I glued the image onto a thin piece of plywood and cut it out using a scroll saw. I sewed a little a bag to hold the pieces.
 Next I made him a felted playscape with roads. Kesten loves cars. The felted animal playscape I made him soon became overrun with cars. So this time I figured I would make him one with roads and stops signs and tunnels and bridges.

 I made a couple of little garages for his cars.

And I think that is it!

Friday, November 21, 2014

Christmas Crafting Part 2

 I am almost done all of my homemade Christmas presents for the kids! I wanted to show you a couple of things that I made for Cedar.

This is her fox doll. I sewed some overalls and a button-up shirt for her, and knit a sweater.

The second outfit is a little dress with a peter pan collar.

I also knit a little shawl/sontag for the fox.

 I didn't make these little moccasins, but I bought them at our craft fair. They are made by a local lady from moose hide. Aren't they beautiful? The wood-burned oval on the right is Cedar's Christmas ornament that I made her (the lynx is her special animal). I still have to add the ribbon to the back of it.
 And finally, this is the little sensory bag that I sewed for her with a clear plastic window. It is full of rice and fun things to find in the rice bag.
When I am finished Kesten's presents, I will show them to you too! Have you been doing any Christmas crafting?

Sunday, November 9, 2014

Christmas Crafting

There is only a short window of opportunity in which my children won't be disappointed by homemade presents and I plan on taking full advantage of it. I am in my crafting glory right now, working on different presents for the little ones. Here's a few pictures of my latest project:

I made them a little felt activity book. I had fun designing it and sewing it up!
The book opens with a button clasp.

The leaves snap on the and sunflower buttons in place.

The apple uses velcro to stick to the tree.
UNzip the dirt to see the root vegetables growing in the garden.
I also made a "First Christmas" ball for Cedar, very similar to her brother's.
I am in the process of making a fantastic felt play mat for Kesten, full of roads, bridges, tunnels, hills, garages, stop signs, trees, and caves! I am having a lot of fun with it so far!
Also on the crafting agenda:
* a fox doll for Cedar sewn from felt
* a wooden puzzle for Kesten using the dust jacket image of one of his favourite books
* a sewn sensory bag (full of rice or lentils and objects to find) for Cedar
I also have to make our yearly wood-burned ornament for the Christmas tree. I've made one every year since we got married and this will be our eighth one.
I'll post pictures of the projects as they are finished.

Sunday, November 2, 2014

And So It Begins

Bohemian Waxwings have been visiting the shrubs out front of the house. Plumping up on berries before winter comes.

 Hallowe'en was super fun this year. Kesten wanted a race car pumpkin, so we carved one.
 We dressed up as Little Red Riding Hood, the Big Bad Wolf, and the Granny.

 We headed over to the Historic Site for a Hallowe'en celebration and pumpkin walk.

 This was one of the cool pumpkins at the Historic Site.

 This little boy was so happy and excited! He had a great night!
 And with Hallowe'en over, the snow was welcome to start!
 We've started construction on a living willow hut. Hopefully in the spring the willows will take root and start growing.
I've finished knitting myself a sweater and I am just sewing it up, all while watching Gilmore Girls on Netflix. Welcome Winter!

Saturday, October 25, 2014

October October

October! Such a beautiful month! I cannot believe that it is almost over. We've had lovely weather and still no snow (although it is in the forecast). We've been on lots of forest walks to cast animal tracks in the mud this month.
And we also made the 12 hour drive to Calgary to celebrate Thanksgiving with our family.
They live on a rural property and have a beaver pond there. I got to take a couple of paddles in a canoe on the pond and watched all the muskrats busy in the water.
Back at home the leaves were really starting to drop, so we went to the park and raked up a big pile and had lots of fun jumping in it.

We've also spent some time exploring the beach in autumn, searching for freshwater mussel shells and pretty rocks.

I've been running, pushing my babies along in our chariot, rain or shine (they stay nice and cozy under their rain cover). One morning there was a torrential downpour, but we got to see a lot of wildlife on our run, including this buck.
And the other morning we had a visit in our yard by this doe and her three fawns. It is always special to see wildlife up close.* (Except when it's scary!)
The Trumpeter swans are back! I love these magical winter birds. Their return always makes me so happy.
My little girl is growing at an astonishing rate and will be 6 months old in November! I swear she was just a newborn yesterday!
*Last night, I was going for a run on the "loop." I always bring bear spray with me at night, because you never know. Almost the whole section of the loop is illuminated by street lights, except for about a 1/4km near the marina. So I was nearing the end of my run and was approaching the dark area. The road is flanked by forest. I thought I heard a noise, so I pulled off my head band for a better listen. Crash, snap, rustle. Yikes! Something big was in the bushes right beside the road. I had my bear spray out of the holster and the safety off in 2 seconds flat (that included pulling off my mitten). I considered running back towards where the houses were, but I remembered they were all dark and I would have to go the loooong way home, past more forest. So I yelled "HEY! HEY!" really loud a few times and scared the big animal back into the bush. Then I very bravely continued to walk along the road, bear spray pointed at the bush, legs jello. I didn't want to run and have the beast think it should chase me. So I don't know if it was a bear, or a moose, or a deer, but either way, it scared me enough to vow never to run the loop at night again.
A little further down the road I could see splashing in the lake and I could see a doe and two fawns, playing in the shallows. When they saw me, they crossed the road and headed back into the forest, but stopped first to stare at me for awhile. And then I ran into another doe with three fawns! It was quite the night. All in all, I was glad to get home.

Hallowe'en is next week and I am very excited! One of my favourite holidays!

Sunday, October 5, 2014

Knitting! The Big Bad Wolf

With a new Little Red Riding Hood pattern, we needed a Big Bad Wolf to go along with it! The hat pattern is only one size, which should fit a 2-3 year-old. You could make the hat from any pattern though, and knit the ears from here to attach.

 Big Bad Wolf Hat
Main colour (mc): Patons Shetland Chunky in grey (less than one skein)
Contrast colour 1 (cc1): Patons Shetland Chunky in white (much less than 1 skein)

5mm double pointed needles (dpn's)

4stitches and 4 rows = 1" in Stockinette stitch

circumference= 21"

one size, fits a 2-3 year-old

cc1-contrast colour 1
dpn's-double pointed needles
k2tog-knit two together
m1-make 1
mc-main colour
p2tog-purl two together
ssk-slip slip knit
St st-stockinette stitch

Wolf Hat
On 5mm dpn's cast on 70 st in mc (grey) and join in round.
Work k1, p1 ribbing for 1"
Switch to Stockinette st and work until hat measures 5" from the beginning.
Next row: *k5, k2tog* 10 times (60st)
Next row: k
Next row: *k4, k2tog* 10 times (50st)
Next row: k
Next row: *k3, k2tog* 10 times (40st)
Next row: k
Next row: *k2, k2tog* 10 times (30st)
Next row: k
Next row: *k1, k2tog* 10 times (20st)
Next row: k
Next row: *k2tog* 10 times (10st)
Next row: *k2tog* 10 times (5st)
Cut yarn, leaving a 5" tail. Thread yarn through the remaining loops on the needles and pull tight to close. Tie off and weave in ends.

Wolf Ears
Cast on 10 st on 5mm needles in grey.
Knit 1.5" in Stockinette st ending on a wrong side row.
Next row: k1, k2tog, k4, ssk, k1
Next row: p
Next row: k1, k2tog, k2, ssk, k1
Next row: p
Next row: k1, k2tog, ssk, k1
Next row: p
Next row: k2tog, ssk
Next row: p2tog
Bind off
make 2

White Ear Centres:
Cast on 8 st on 5mm needles in white.
Knit 1" in St st ending on a wrong side row.
Next row: k1, k2tog, k2, ssk, k1
Next row: p
Next row: k1, k2tog, ssk, k1
Next row: p
Next row: k2tog, ssk
Next row: p2tog
Bind off
make 2
Sew the white centres onto the grey ears. Sew both ears on top of the hat.

Thanks for stopping by and I hope you enjoy the pattern! Check out the Little Red Riding Hood and other patterns under the "knitting patterns" tab at the top of the page. Questions and comments welcome and please let me know of any errors you may find.
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