Friday, April 13, 2012

Baby Onesies

When I went to Kelowna for Easter, my friend Dee threw me a lovely baby shower. It was so nice to catch up with old friends, eat delicious food, and show off my baby nephew. My friends blessed me with so many beautiful gifts for the baby, including many adorable onesies! Baby Nutbrown is one spoiled little baby!
Having lots of cute white onesies, I decided to personalize a couple by silkscreening them. It was pretty easy to do. Although I have a screen and all the equipment for silkscreening, I thought I would do a quicker, low-tech version. I printed off my Nutbrown logo from the computer on plain white paper and used an exacto blade to cut out the design. I then used it as a stencil while I brushed on the ink with a paintbrush. I hand painted the details on the acorn and I also had to free-hand the letters, as it was too much work to cut them all out. And that was it! I waited for the ink to dry, then set it with an iron. Pretty easy and quick and I think baby Nutbrown will look pretty darn cute in them!


  1. Wow! You free-handed the letters??? Awesome!

  2. Those are adorable! - Louise

  3. Amazing work Kristen! On a different note, I now have an awesome book for making diapers with patterns and all the instructions I need to make them. I am going to make some prototypes first out of spare fabric I have around the house and send them to you and Jaimie for feedback. If you give me the go ahead I will buy the fabric and set up an assembly line so I can make several at one time. Dee


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