Thursday, April 12, 2012

DIY: Chapstick

Spring has sprung in full force in the Fort. The snow is nearly all gone in my backyard, the tulips are well on their way, and the air is filled with the singing of redwing blackbirds and the calling of sea gulls. The usually gentle creek is roaring in its banks and slushy patches are showing up in the lake ice. I've been working in the yard and contemplating the garden. That Spring feeling sure is contagious!
But this morning we woke up to rain, which is nice, but it made some of my outside plans difficult. So I decided to catch up on some inside work, like making chapstick. I found a recipe for making chapstick in a Martha Stewart magazine a few years ago and have adapted it over time to fit my needs.

1 tablespoon of shaved beeswax (I use a grater or potato peeler to get the beeswax into meltable pieces)
2 tablespoons of olive oil
A few drops of essential oil for scent (I like peppermint)
A drop of honey
A drop of vitamin E oil
Add the beeswax, olive oil, honey and vitamin E to a jar. Place jar in a pot of water and heat over medium-low heat until everything has melted together.
Remove from heat and place 1 drop of essential oil into the mix at a time, until you have the desired strength. Use a syringe or pipette to fill your containers and let sit until cool and solidified. I like to use old chapstick tubes and a little single-serve jam jar for the extra. (When one of the tubes runs out, I just reheat the little jar and pour it into a chapstick tube.)
Finally, I like to make cute little labels for my chapstick.
And there you go! Very quick and easy and you have a lovely chapstick that you made yourself and you know all the ingredients in it!


  1. Very cool! Doesn't look that hard!

  2. I think I'm in love. This is SUPER cool, Kris!! Love your lables. Did you print them off at home? Are they sticker/vellum stuff?

  3. Thanks, T! I just printed them off on my computer and then taped them on with clear packing tape.

  4. This is cool! Love your labels!!

    I got some natural organic lip balm for Christmas. The ingredients are:olive oil,beeswax,shea butter,coconut oil,honey and essential oils. It isn't peppermint. It is yummy stuff though. Where do you buy beeswax?

    Aunt Cathy in Ontario

  5. Cool! Pretty much the same stuff! I have a big stash of beeswax now. I bought some of it at the Farmer's Market in Kamloops, and some of it in grocery stores (I think I found some in an organic grocery store). Before I found bricks of beeswax though, I just shaved beeswax candles.

  6. Thanks, Kris. I'll look around for some. I want to try this. Seems easy enough.


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