Sunday, September 16, 2012

Desk Makeover

Before I talk about the desk, I just want to show a few pictures. Here is my tall sunflower, perhaps the tallest I have ever grown! 
And I've been doing some Fall decorating. We've had two frosts in a row, so I've cut a lot of flowers and brought them inside.
 Ok! The desk! I went to the re-use shed at the dump (the place where everyone puts their unwanted, but still useful items and anyone can grab anything for free. The best idea ever!) and found this fabulous wicker desk. Oooh! I really wanted it, but it wouldn't fit in the car at all. I sent my husband back up to try again, maybe try tying it on the roof, but he couldn't get it secure enough. Finally someone with a truck noticed, and they offered to drop it off at our house. How nice!

Here Boos is inspecting it after I gave it a washing. I then went and bought some spray paint. Note to self: do not underestimate how many cans it takes to cover wicker! I bought 2 cans, but ran out. It happened to be Sunday and nothing was open, so I had to wait another day to buy one more can. And then it was rainy and cold and I couldn't paint outside, so I had to wait a few more days before I could finally finish it.

 I spray painted it white and painted the top green with out left-over paint from the kitchen. Whew, is it ever hard to paint woven wicker! You have to spray at every angle and so much paint gets wasted! But it was finally done!
 I love the woven wicker knobs on the drawers and the feet.

I will set my sewing machine up on top and have some of my craft stuff in the drawers. Not sure about its final destination, but it is in the living room right now, making it nice and convenient to get to my craft stuff. Not bad for a free desk!

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