Thursday, February 28, 2013

First To Hatch

The first one to pip the shell hatched out at 6:20 this morning. A beautiful dark Brahma chick with feathers all the way down the legs. Noisy little critter. Four other shells are pipped and one looks pretty close to hatching as well. No activity yet from the sixth egg, but it is still early, so hopefully soon!


  1. Whoa! That's so awesome! Thanks for sharing! I'm so excited to follow this process along with you. Do they all stay inside the dome until they've all hatched?

    1. Yes, they should ideally stay inside until they are dry and everyone is done hatching. You don't want to lose the humidity by opening the incubator. 3 have hatched now!

    2. Oh cool, thanks for the info. How do you know so much? How many times have you done this? I never thought I'd be this interested in chickens hatching - but I am!

    3. This is my second time doing it on my own. I just read about it. There are some good resources out there. Plus the incubator comes with detailed instructions.


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