Saturday, February 23, 2013

The Dog Sled Races

It's that time of year again for the Caledonia Classic Dog Sled Races.

You may notice that most of the dogs don't look like the traditional huskies that you associate with dog sledding. Most people are using Huskies crossed with Pointers. Some people explained to me that years ago, a guy showed up on the scene with these hybrid pups and blew everyone out of the water. Pretty soon everyone was switching over to Huskey/Pointer crosses. Although, with new breeding with Huskies, there isn't much of an advantage anymore. Some people have troubles with Siberian Huskies, however, as they are too much of a hunter and may get distracted during a race.

The dogs that aren't racing at the moment wait in the crates, so they don't pull too much on their lines and make themselves raw and tired out. These dogs love racing and you can hardly hold them back when they sense it is time to go. You should hear the whines and pouts coming from the dogs left behind during a race!
Here are some more traditional types of sleds.
Remember this dog from last year? The cute cross-eyed, cross-eared pup named Glee? She wasn't there this time, but I spoke to her owners and they told me she is doing really well and is a great lead dog. Way to go Glee, you cutie pie!
And I made this little video with shots from yesterday and today. Enjoy!


  1. I was going to mention the noise - but your video confirmed it! There are some very excited dogs out there!
    Do you race as well?

    1. It is sooo noisy! We could hear them from blocks away! Those dogs really love to race. But I love how quiet it gets as soon as the flag is dropped and they take off.
      I've never been on a dog sled, but I hope to some day!

    2. I love that cross eyed dog!

      I didn't think it would ever get quiet - unless they were all sleeping!
      What a neat experience


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