Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Power Outage Mayhem!

Ack! So the power went out sometime around 6am. I had 4 chicks hatched and two eggs that weren't pipped yet. Talk about bad timing! My little chicks were still wet. We have no back-up heat source. This was a big disaster. I scooped up the chicks and placed them on a hot water bottle and snuggled them up with towels. I filled the hot water bottle with what hot water remained in the hot water tank. But this is only a temporary solution, as I would eventually run out of water. Plus, it wasn't getting them warm enough. Then my husband suggested putting them in a pot and using a candle for heat. Besides the fact that it looks like I am cooking them, it worked perfectly! It kept them at a steady 90-95F, exactly where they should be at! They snuggled down in towels and were soon dry, warm, and sleeping. We lost one egg, but the other egg is still alive and is back in the incubator. An eggtopsy revealed that the egg we lost was not yet fully developed and ready to hatch, so I think the remaining egg may need a few more days, especially after the cooler temps it weathered today. Cross your fingers! The power came back on 3 hours earlier than anticipated, so we got the chicks into their brooder and the egg back in the incubator after our 6 hour power outage. Whew!

Here is our electricity-free solution:
Look how cozy they were!
Here is Crow, the second chick to hatch. He looks very much like an Australorp chick. So handsome!

This one is really dark! Look at that jet black beak.
The third dark chick. Lighter than the other two.
And here is the first to hatch. I call him Rod Stewart, because he had a sweet mullet when he was born. 
He has completely different markings from the other three. So funny how their genetics mix to come up with different looking chicks.

And so, we'll give that other egg a few more days. I hope it pulls through! What a crazy hatch it has been!

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  1. oh no! I am so sad. I know that's supposed to be part of life with animals but I still don't like it! good for you for being such a wonder animal mom! I am so proud of you! They are lovely little puff balls. My fingers are crossed too!


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