Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Leaf Printing

 While at my sister's house, we decided to try a Japanese leaf printing craft that we saw on Alys Fowler's Edible Garden (around 22:15 minute mark). First we collected a variety of leaves and flowers. Nothing dry, there must be a lot of moisture in them for it to work. Beautiful colours and interesting shapes work well. (Unfortunately, the oak leaves pictured here did not work at all!)
 Next, we folded the leaves and flowers between natural fabrics. The fabric has to be natural so the dye will take. With that on a cutting board, we hammered away.  The goal is to smash the juices out of the plants.
 Here you can see the dyes coming through the fabric while it is still folded over.
Next we opened up our creations to see what we came up with. Pansies and fern leaves worked really well, as did rose, marigold, and calendula petals. When they were dry, we ironed them to set the dye as best we could. I don't think they'll hold up to multiple washings though. Maybe if we had prepared the fabric with a mordant or something first. But they would make cute jam jar covers or things like that.

1 comment:

  1. Good for you for trying! They are lovely. I really like the colours, you both must have really strong arms to pound that hard! LOL!


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